Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Packed 'Em In!!!!!

What a crowd, what love, what energy! WHAT A NIGHT!!!

We packed 'em in at The Venue. My thanks to everyone involved! Now we are packing and hitting the road to Memphis in a couple of days. First night on stage -- Wednesday.

I will update as I can with where the Shaun Booker Band is playing and when, once me and the guys get registered with the IBC folks.

More to come . . . SBD!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tonight at The Venue Lounge; Then On The Road To Memphis!

We are at the Venue Lounge tonight on East Livingston Avenue in Columbus. Our last stop on the "Memphis Or Bust" tour.

I hope ya'll will come out and see us tonight!

Then, the Shaun Booker Band hits the road . . . . next stop: The International Blues Challenge.

Trailer For WOSU ArtZine Documentary Is THE BOMB!

WOSU television's ArtZine production staff have been following the band around for several weeks now, working on a documentary about our collective journey to Memphis and the International Blues Challenge, and what it takes to get ready. Everything from fundraising to rehearsals.

I gotta say, it is the bomb!  Check it out!

And let me say, I am humbled. We are so psyched for the trip. We can do this....!

Friday, January 28, 2011

25 years ago today

Twenty-five years ago today, I took my last voice lesson from Cornelius, my vocal coach back home. She was happy for me because I was departing for Dayton, Ohio to join a record production company.

My Chevy Citation hatch-back was loaded down with my wardrobe, mostly, and notebooks. I was to drive from Warren to Youngstown to pick up Al Berger and we'd join Craig Robinson. These were my songwriting partners.

 We were young and had our own Y-town sound to bring to Central Ohio. We were from the NE corner of the Buckeye State.  Within a week or so we found a home at L. A. Recording Studios on Livingston Avenue here in the city. It was a better fit than The Roger Troutman sound, and we needed more development.

 I digress. While saying our last goodbyes, Channel 21News came on with the late-breaking interruption. We were stunned standing in her doorway -- the lift-off of the space shuttle Challanger. Our expressions went from great excitement to deep pain, as we watched the shuttle blow-up! It was a deep sadness I will never forget!

My God, there was a teacher and six other Americans lost in an instant! How? Why? What happened?
If we were so moved, I wondered how would her family and students go on? Corn hugged me, and bade me adieu'. She said, "Go on and and make your name in the business!"

In 1986, women didn't just go off into space, and they didn't just decide to take a business college education and opt rather to explore music production. No, Ms.McAuliffe and Ms. Booker setting out to do something that hadn't typically been done by women!

So much has transpired since 1986. We have made great strides in both space exploration and music production. Not to mention the Internet....

However; why is that women are still paid less than men in the same positions? 

Why is the right to vote by Black Americans still an act that must be renewed every seven years ? 

Why CAN'T we make health-care and education affordable for every HUMAN? 

Why are people homeless and hungry when we throw away more food than can be consumed, and have abandoned homes with people living on the street?

Why is  the world watching Ted Williams' every move? 

Why does a mother in Akron go to jail for being guilty of trying to put her children in a better school system.  She was dishonest, but the crime was that she had to stoop to tactics in the first place, and believe me she's not the only one who has.

Twenty five years ago today, I began to prioritize and make my intentions known. I became an activist, rather than a reactionary. I had begun fighting for the "underdog."  I became a WOMAN!

Oh Lord ,why'd they give that girl a voice and a microphone? All the world is a stage!!

I'm on my way to Memphis, and guess what? "I'm the UNDERDOG, a woman in a man's blues world."
The International Blues Challenge and the Space Shuttle Challenger Anniversary, hmmm......
Chrisa McAuliffe lives on regardless, and so will Shaun Booker Dammit, even if we don't return victorious.

"I see an opportunity in every challenge, rather than a challenge in every opportunity"!

-- SBD

Monday, January 24, 2011

We Just Issued A News Release


Qualifies To Compete Against World’s Best Musicians

COLUMBUS – Popular Central Ohio singer/songwriter Shaun Booker and her Shaun Booker Band recently were awarded the title “Best Blues Band” in a local competition pitting her group against musicians from several other states.

As a result, Ms. Booker and company will represent Central Ohio – with the goal a recording contract with Alligator Records – in an international competition the first week of February, the International Blues Challenge. The IBC, founded in 1985 to find the world's best unsigned blues artists, will showcase the cream of the crop of blues bands, as voted by their peers, from around the world.

“More than 130 bands are scheduled to be playing in Memphis, Tenn. the first week in February,” Booker says. “These are the hottest blues bands and ensembles from every corner of the globe. We are absolutely honored to be considered the best of the best, and will represent Central Ohio with pride and an energy you can’t imagine.” The many bands to which she refers -- and their thousands of fans -- will descend on the numerous clubs that line Beale Street in Memphis in just a few weeks.

Adding to the excitement of preparation for the international competition is a documentary, to be titled “Road To Memphis,” and featuring Ms. Booker and her ensemble, being shot by producers from Columbus’ WOSU-TV. Producer Cindy Gaillard and a crew from the television show ArtZine have been following the Shaun Booker Band from performance to performance the past few weeks, gathering video and other material for the documentary.

The IBC was created by the non-profit Blues Foundation. The local event that crowned the Shaun Booker Band “best” in the region, giving it the opportunity to go head-to-head against the very best in the world, was sponsored by the Columbus Blues Alliance.

Visit the Shaun Booker Band website at, and keep up with Ms. Booker’s “Confessions of a Hard Working Blues and Jazz Artist” blog at


Ya gotta keep out there with the promotions......  Coming Soon on the website -- not only will we have DVDs and CDs of the band for sale, but we will have t-shirts also. Saw the first run a few days ago, and they look incredible! See on you the road!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

TONIGHT -- 'Memphis Or Bust' Fundraiser at Roadhouse 66

A very large gathering expected tonight at Roadhouse 66 in Worthington, Ohio, as a fundraiser for our trip to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis next month has been organized. Several acts will be on stage starting around 8:30.

The Shaun Booker Band goes on at 10:30. There will be raffles and other events taking place to help raise $$$!

Bring and your energy, and we will give it right back to you!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where Do You Get Your 'Blues' From?

Hey y'all, this is Shaun Booker Dammit.! Let me first say that if you're taking time to read this, I LOVE YOU! Since I can't afford a therapist; I think this blogging thing is gonna be good for me.

Ask any artist where their inspiration comes from and most will answer " It can be anything" -- something you smell, see, remember ... whatever humans take in goes somewhere...  My first realization of transmutation came when I sang my first solo at age three. Granted, I had the advantage of a packed house of people who were already of the mind-set  to receive a message. In my grandfathers church I was surrounded by folks who were connected, obviously spiritual, and open to be moved emotionally.

"One has to be open to receive either good or evil," My Mama (maternal grandmother) used to say "the devil can't come in uninvited." I'm not preaching, I'm just saying we can invite or repel. We can choose to act or not. This past week has been one of those weeks in which my emotions have run the gamut and my will tested!

While getting ready for my gig at LaScala this past Saturday, I received one of those phone calls that interrupt your groove. I was doing hair and make-up and learned that one of my favorite Aunts was rushed to the hospital having trouble breathing. She was in critical condition and the doctors didn't know what was wrong.

Aunt Thelma, my deceased mother's sister, is the one whom, although she had five children of her own (one set of twins), still always had something for all of her family members and friends on birthday's Christmas etc... Aunt Thelma was the one that if she kissed your boo-boo it was instantaneously healed. Her smile, tone of voice, and her made-from-scratch, triple-layer chocolate cake would cure whatsoever ailed you.

She was in trouble.  I began praying, and from the upbeat tone in which her daughter, first cousin Tracy, was speaking, I was initially not so alarmed and very hopeful of a positive outcome. My cousin said she was still giving instructions. "Don't let them take my dentures out and, make sure your father takes his meds on time!" We laughed. So much like her, in distress and still thinking about others.Then the second phone call, before I got out the door, I was now informed that she was no longer on oxygen, now it was a ventilator, and she would be transferred to The Cleveland Clinic from our little hospital in Warren Ohio.

I started bawling, I knew I was losing my Aunt, the one whom after my mother passed I could call for parenting questions, bad relationship questions, family-tree questions. The lady who went to Paris for the first time at age 75 to visit Rhonda, the twin daughter, who is a bona fide scientist. This is the aunt who organized a family entourage the year after my mother died to see me perform in Port Clinton. She believed in me, and all of us, which made us not afraid to strive for lofty dreams of such careers as professional singers and scientists.

By the time I got to the gig, my eyes were swollen and red. I was weak, in and out of those crying jags, sad and angry! I felt helpless and hopeless. I was not Shaun Booker Dammit! I was a wounded puppy, I was a scared niece in fetal position. I shared my bewilderment with two band members and one fanfriend, before the next wave of the crying jag hit me. Doreen and I went to the bathroom, five minutes til' show time, to fix my face.

While standing at the mirror trying to get it together, out of a stall came a women with an oxygen tank in tow. She shared with my friend that she was recovering from brain surgery, and it was her 35th birthday.

BINGO! There went my pity party ....

"The show must go on," and it did. We had a great performance. I put everything in the songs I sang.

My Aunt Thelma passed away the next day, and it hurt like hell, but I was prepared.  I'm going to sing at her funeral this coming Saturday, I will be there for my cousins and my surviving aunts and uncles, and I'll drive back for our "Memphis or Bust Benefit!"

Where do I get my blues from?

This is page one ......

Much Love,
Shaun Booker Dammit!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At Hoggy's Gahanna/New Albany Thursday Night

Me and my guys will be at Hoggy's in the Gahanna/New Albany area this Thursday, Jan. 20. We're on stage from 6-9 pm. Comfort food in a relaxing, laid-back, family atmosphere, if you've never been there before. And, Hoggy's is now featuring entertainment at a number of their stores.

The time for the Shaun Booker Band has come!

We're even featured on the company website, with the photo below. Though it should read the "Shaun Booker Band." I'm just a little girl with a big voice without these guys. We've got a great sound and we have a great time when we know the crowd is enjoying us.

Remember, 6-9 Thursday night.
                        See you there darlings!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

LIVE From LaScala Its The SBB!

Photos taken just minutes ago of the Shaun Booker Band,  playing LIVE at LaScala Italian Bistro in Dublin, Ohio until midnight tonight.

Blues, Jazz, LaScala TONIGHT!

My Guys!  The guys who with me ARE The Shaun Booker Band -- and yours truly -- will be at LaScala Italian Bistro tonight in Dublin, Ohio.

Its another stop in the "Memphis Or Bust!" tour as we hone our performance and music in preparation for what will be absolutely intense competition early next month at the International Blues Challenge. The crowds at LaScala have always been good to me, and I am looking forward to tonight. Its a great venue with lots of energy!

Let me introduce My Guys: On guitar, Mike Dudley. On bass, Ron "Hendu" Henderson. "On drums, "G." On keys, Bo Dixon. And on trumpet, L.A. Sky. The sound. The mood. They make it!

Together, the Shaun Booker Band creates a musical explosion!

I hope you will come on out and join us tonight. We will be going on stage shortly before 9 pm, AND we will be performing some of my original songs, including "I Am A Wipeout," "Zero Hero," "Tenderly," "Yellow Cross" and "Telephone Man." You'll also hear classic R&B and steamy rock pieces by some one of our favorite artists and songwriters, including Etta James, Otis Redding, B.B. King, Tony Joe White, Francine Reed, and others.

Its gonna be hot! Steamy! And charged with energy!  C O M E    O N    O U T!!!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The 'Memphis Or Bust' Benefit Is ON At Roadhouse 66!

The "Memphis Or Bust" benefit is ON baby, at Roadhouse 66!

We are set for Saturday, January 22 at the Roadhouse, which is located on East Wilson Bridge Road in Worthington, Ohio. The time for the show will be announced.

This benefit concert is an effort to raise money to help send the Shaun Booker Band to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge!  As the competitor representing Central Ohio, the Columbus Blues Alliance is involved in the fundraiser.

I really hope to see you all out there! In addition to a modest door fee, the CBA website says there will be other events going on in the place to help raise funds.

It should be a GREAT event!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Where I Come From

I was a little girl, with a big dream.
A little girl with a big voice and a big attitude.
I had to find a way to release that thing, that energy that was bigger than me.
That gift I was given since I was a little girl.
So I found out I could do that.

I was three.

And I got stuck on that thing, that energy.
Seeing the sisters in the church, their hats bobbing.
That little baby, that little baby got a little bit taller.
Pretty much
My voice got a little bit bigger.
My heart is definitely in it. And its always bigger.
I never forget where the power came from.
Where it comes from.
Its in you.
And its in me, too . . .

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Zydeco Fans' Warm Embrace Beats The Cold Outside

A bitter night outside, but a warm, inviting evening with a cozy group at Zydeco on High last night. We tried out a number of our original songs, mixed with some great standards.

After the first set, my husband and I took the opportunity during the break to split some of the great jumbalaya that Miss Mozell Devereaux serves at her place, which opened first week of November. Zydeco's holds a special place in my heart because I was honored to played here the night Miss Mozell opened the doors to a capacity crowd.

A special treat last night was being joined on stage by my song writing partner of some 25 years, Lew Wexler.

My co-writer Lew Wexler, and Shaun Booker Band bassist Ron "Hendu" Henderson, at the mike at right last night at Zydeco On High.

We also had our new CDs and DVDs on hand, and a number of people bought copies. There is no feeling in the world that can compare with knowing that someone thinks enough of your music they want to take you home with them.

I'm taking it easy this afternoon after two long nights on stage, but I think back on last night . . . The crowd was small, but you would never know it by the enthusiasm, energy and love in the room!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waking Up To A Snowy Morning; Zydeco Tonight

I'm looking outside and it is snowing and cold.

But the mood last night at LaScala was anything but! A warm and inviting bluesy jazzy series of sets early on with the Shaun Booker Band. The cozy lounge feel of that side of the place was perfect for the music and the mood. Then late night we heated things up in the main restaurant/bar area with the Paradise Island Band. You people can dance! 

Thanks to everyone who came out to support both bands, and the dancers. I love the dancers who support us, no matter which band is onstage!  Look for me and the guys in the Shaun Booker Band tonight at Zydeco on High! By the way, if you like great cajun food, Zydeoco's menu is to die for!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, January 7, 2011

BTW, I Won A Contest

I won a contest late last year, and I am headed to Memphis, Tenn. with my band. The guys and I will be there competing against the very best blues groups at the International Blues Challenge. We are representing Central Ohio in the competition!

Its hard for me to self promote (it is difficult to talk about myself and the band that way), but I'll be talking about the IBC more in future posts. We are raising money for the trip with a special fundraising performance on January 22 at Roadhouse 66 in the Worthington area of Columbus. And we are selling performance DVDs and CDs. Details will be coming on my website,

Memphis Or Bust! That's my motto these days. I will be writing about it a little more next week. I've got gigs tonight and tomorrow night and need to get ready for those.

For all of my long time fans, and whoever is new that I might pick up along the way, thanks for visiting my new blog and coming on this journey with me. I'm still figuring it out. But working without a net has been the way I do things. See you online or in a club soon!

LaScala Tonight; Zydeco Tomorrow!

Hey this is last minute -- and my first post on my new blog -- but catch me tonight at LaScala Restaurant in northwest Columbus (4190 W. Dublin-Granville Road). Kicking off, I'll be front and center with the Shaun Booker Band from 6:30 -9 PM. Then later, at 9:30 pm, I will be onstage with the Paradise Island Band until midnight. Something for everyone!

And tomorrow night I will be at Zydeco on High (515 S. High Street, Columbus) with the Shaun Booker Band. Whether your taste runs to Etta James or B.B. King, you will enjoy Saturday evening!

Both nights will be a great time.

Hope to see you there!